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Bespoke, Personalised & Animated SMS Marketing in Bournemouth, Dorset

Imagine if you could send a thousand SMS text messages to your customers measuring how many landed and how many customers viewed your offer. As well as providing you with immediate levels of interest, hand-raisers and potential leads. 

Well, now you can with ECA SmartSend+! Promote your business through SMS marketing today. 

“This is our first time using the SmartSend+ Event platform through ECA and we’ve been really impressed with the results. This unique offering enables us to reach our customers in an engaging manner that creates a real sense of urgency. We look forward to rolling out more SmartSend+ campaigns across the group in the future.”

Martyn Akehurst | Group Marketing Manager at Rowes Garage Ltd.

Similar to email marketing, SmartSend+ provides you with full reporting and analytics. SmartSend+ tells you who engaged and when they engaged, plus the all-important customers who clicked to register their interest. All are downloadable to an Excel Spreadsheet at the click of a mouse.

Building and sending your SmartSend+ couldn't be easier. Our team of SmartSend animators are familiar with all brands and most corporate identity guidelines, ensuring your communication meets manufacturer approval, as well as providing great results. Our data team will prep your data, correct first names, format your numbers correctly and remove any duplicates.


"It worked really well for us and attracted more customers than we anticipated. The sales rate was good and all customers that booked actually turned up for their appointments - which historically doesn't happen with other bought-in events. The back-office platform to log and track leads and activity was very easy to use, even for someone with limited skills. Thanks again, we will definitely be doing another one, especially as it represents great value for money in comparison to all of the other events out there on offer."

Stuart McKenzie | General Sales Manager at Lanehouse Suzuki


"We have used the SmartSend+ Event platform a couple of times now and on each occasion we have recorded double-figure results for each of our sites! The engagement is great both from the Sales Team and the customer. Will definitely use again as it represents great value for money."

Ben Aldridge | Sales Manager at Islington Motor Group

Speak to our team today and let us help you connect with your customers' thanks to SmartSend+! We can ensure your message is delivered and seen. Discuss your future events and campaigns with our digital marketing team below.

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