Email marketing in 2022 

11 - 04 - 2022

What are the trends for email marketing in 2022

Meta, Insta, TikTok. They are all fighting for your marketing spend and they all have a part to play. Despite their growth the fact remains that the most effective and scalable digital marketing strategy, with the best ROI, is still email marketing.

This reliability can mean that sometimes the delivery and messaging can stagnate "it's performing really well... don't change it"  is the cry I hear from some clients. The simple fact is though that, to maintain it's ROI dominance, your email marketing has to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Do this and it'll keep being your key digital performer.

GDPR made waves across email marketing back in 2018, but really only for those that weren't already following best practice. Latest research shows that only 8% of customers trust brands to keep their personal information safe. We encourage a link to a preference centre in our clients campaigns. It's just one link, but does three jobs in one.


Personalisation in email marketing
Before I come on to how great hyper-personalisation is, let's look at the effect of not personalising your email campaigns.

Lack of email marketing personalisation can impact on the mailing list quantity and quality. It can also lead to an overall failure of the campaign desired outcome as the ROI becomes ineffective.

The trend for 2022, which ECA has been doing for a long time, is to make email campaigns as personal as possible!


Open rates are no longer a useful KPI
2022 will see open rates discarded as the key email marketing performance metric. This is thanks to Apple's release of iOS 15 which included a new feature to protect Apple users' data from third parties.

This year those of us in email marketing will have our work cut out. Do we look for alternative KPIs to track for everyone, do we track open rates for Android & PC users and focus on another KPI for Apple users, or do we track open rates for everyone but assume a larger margin or error? It'll be an interesting year!

Email Design
When you know that 81% of users check their emails on a mobile device, you'll instantly appreciate the power of making your design look great on mobile first!

Too often campaign designs are built, and signed off, for how they look on a PC. At ECA we've had mobile design as a focus on campaigns for a long time, so it's nice to see the trends catching up.

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Andy Marlor
Broadcast & Digital

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