Mail in the mix 

08 - 03 - 2022

The role of Mail in a balanced Media Plan

As the third largest media channel, the challenge has been set for mail to prove its physical impact in the digital world and play its part in righting this imbalance. At ECA we've known for a long time that a balanced mix of media is the key to success, and mail still has a vital role to play.

The latest research from Marketreach confirms what we already know about making direct mail lead the channel in client campaigns. Here are a few highlights:


Studies show that 70% of consumers value direct mail for its authenticity and personal nature that makes them feel valued. The same study also found that 56% of physical mail remains in homes for more than 28 days after being received and this naturally increases brand exposure. The sensory nature of direct mail also helps make it effective.

Three steps to effective Direct Mail measurement

  1. Preparing campaign measurement activity in advance is crucial to highlight channel performance.
  2. Selecting the most appropriate measurement technique. Coupons, unique telephone number tracking and QR codes for example. Each has their own upsides and downsides and these should be considered.
  3. Measuring the impact of the campaign using conversion rates, response rates, ROI and a host of other impact metrics.


Far too often there is a disconnect between campaigns and activity measurement. In many cases 'last-click attribution' gives too much credit to digital channels.

We've had clients come to us in the past where their previous experience has been an agency determinded to maximise reach and coverage. Whilst these are useful tools for the right campaigns sometimes it can result in 'flying blind' without the correct measurement already in place. It's always better to sacrifice a little campaign reach for a lot of campaign certainty.

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Sue Liversidge
Account Director

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